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About the software:
Following are cust id/email id of temple administration who can login
3 gee1
also 4 guest without password
The temple administrators of this site can have all privileges
of edit, print, email to the sponsors/devotees, email to chairman(GMV), and viewer list
The Admin users can also ADD/DELETE Additional admin users
The guest login will have permission to view and email to temple administrators
selectively or collectively

The privileges are
Addition to sponsor list/ Abhishekam-festivites list in the table provided in subsequent pages
Logical deletion of sponsor list
modification to sponsor list
Points to remember:
In case of Abhishekam/festivities
on completion date of Abhishekam/festivities of that date
to either delete or update the date for next month/year when that is due
By logging in as guest,
one can go to the the table page for information or further page
of print program of Nitya Aradana or Abhishekam page on selection in this page
also email to the temple administrators
Instruction to BN Venkataraman, the software provider
to club the data of gotra/ star/rasi of in sponsor list and delink it from
the address data list whenever possible at the earliest before finally releasing
the software
Linux users:
can download the msword format of the nitya aradana program page

Mailing list of addresses for desired month is also provided and can be printed

The year in the Nitya aradana is meant for start year and has no relevence
in generating monthly programme

The insertion of record in sponsor table is by a form page
The modifiation of record in sponsor table is also by a form page

Close all tabs and pop up windows selecting appropriate close link provided in
relevant pages and also on email page after completion of job